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DJI Transmission ( Standard Combo )


DJI Transmission ( Standard Combo )


  • Video Transmitter & Receiver System
  • WB37 Batteries, Plates & Charger
  • L-Series Battery Plates
  • Power, SDI & USB-C Cables
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Transmit high-definition video over 3 miles (line-of-sight) from your DJI drone or gimbal gear with this Transmission Standard TX/RX Combo from DJI. The combo includes a transmitter and a receiver that transmits up to 1080p60 video using the highly efficient O3 Pro transmission technology via Wi-Fi 2.4 and 5 GHz frequencies. Optional high-gain antennas can be purchased to boost the signal quality and distance.

The system supports automatic frequency hopping to find the strongest signal, and it operates using AES 256 encryption to protect your video from prying eyes. It allows you to transmit simultaneously to multiple receivers, including the High-Bright Remote Monitor. The system also can be used with talkback via the USB-C ports and optional headsets. The units can be powered via a WB37 battery, L-series battery, or a DC power input, or they can be powered directly from a DJI gimbal such as the Ronin 2 or RS 3.


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DJI Transmission ( Standard Combo )


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