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What is FixoCare and how does it work?


Coverage for Drone crashes

If you crash your DJI Drone, FixoCare offers to repair it for a set fee. This means that instead of having to pay for potentially costly repairs separately, you can opt for this Care Plan.


Available for Selected DJI Drones

FixoCare is available for selected DJI drone models. It's essential to ensure that your specific drone model is covered under this plan.


Global Coverage

FixoCare provides worldwide protection for your DJI drone, no matter where it's purchased, ensuring peace of mind for policy holders. Please kindly note, for continued coverage, repairs must be handled by Fixology.


Peace Of Mind

Having FixoCare can provide you with peace of mind because you know that if your drone encounters issues due to accidents or crashes, Fixology will be there to repair it for you.


DJI Preferred Service Center

Fixology is the official Authorized Service center for DJI in South Africa . This affiliation indicates that Fixology has the expertise and authorization to provide repair services for DJI drones, which adds credibility to our service.


Protection Plan

In essence, FixoCare acts as a protection plan for your DJI drone. This means you have a support system in place for potential repairs and servicing, reducing the financial burden in case of accidents or damages.

To Benefit from FixoCare, it’s crucial to carefully read and understand the terms and conditions associated with the plan, as it may specify certain requirements and limitations. If you have a DJI drone and are considering this service, you should contact Fixology or visit our website for the most up-to-date and specified information on FixoCare and how to enroll in the programme.

Claim Requirements :

  1. Flight records need to be provided (TXT files )
  2. Proof Of Purchase for the Drone
  3. Proof Of Purchase on FixoCare Plan
  4. Possession of Physical Drone
  5. Images of the damages to the DJI Drone
  6. Detailed description of incident
  7. Must have 3 hours flight time or 6 fully charged battery flights 
  8.  Information must be provided via customers profile

Terms and Conditions

1. Scope of Coverage:

The FixoCare plan provides coverage for eligible DJI drones against specified damages and issues as outlined.

2. Coverage Duration:

The coverage period for the FixoCare plan begins on the date of purchase of the plan and lasts for a period of 12 months from the date of activation or purchase, as specified in the plan terms.

3. Coverage Eligibility:

To be eligible for coverage under the FixoCare plan, customers must provide valid proof of purchase for their DJI drone.

4. Coverage Exclusions:

The FixoCare plan does not cover damages resulting from intentional acts, misuse, water damage, unauthorized repairs or modifications, or any activity outside the scope of normal drone operation.

5. Timely Reporting:

Customers are required to report any incident or damage covered by the plan within 7 days of the occurrence.

6. Serial Number Verification:

Customers must ensure that the serial number of the drone matches the one registered with the FixoCare plan for verification purposes.

7. Authorized Service Centers:

Repairs and servicing covered under the plan must be performed by authorized service centers, including Fixology.

8. Excess Fee (Beyond Economical Repair):

An Excess fee of 6% of the original purchase price of the drone applies in cases where the drone is deemed beyond economical repair, and Fixology determines that the aircraft needs to be replaced.

9. Claim Approval:

Claims will be subject to approval based on the assessment of damages and adherence to the plan’s terms and conditions.

10. Repair or Replacement:

Upon claim approval, Fixology may, at its discretion, choose to repair or replace the damaged drone with a similar model.

11. Customer Responsibilities:

Customers are responsible for maintaining the drone in accordance with DJI’s guidelines and promptly reporting incidents to Fixology.

12. Limitation of Liability:

Fixology’s maximum liability under the FixoCare plan is limited to the purchase price of the plan.

13. Customer Support:

For questions, assistance, or claims related to the FixoCare plan, customers can contact sales@fixology.co.za

14. Changes to Terms and Conditions:

Fixology reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions. Customers will be notified of any changes, and the updated terms will apply to new plan purchases and existing customers as permitted by law.

15. Acceptance of Terms:

By purchasing the FixoCare plan, customers acknowledge their understanding thereof in agreement to these terms and conditions.

16. Language and Communication:

These terms and conditions are presented in English. All communication related to the FixoCare plan will be conducted in English

What is the benefits of Flying with confidence with FixoCare

  • You are safe guarded by an Accredited Service center for DJI within South Africa
  • With FixoCare you don’t have to worry about expensive repair or replacement costs on your DJI Drone, as many of these expenses are covered by the plan.
  • Professional repairs conducted by an Authorized service center and your drone is serviced by trained professionals with access to original DJI parts.
  • FixoCare aims to process claims quickly, minimizing downtime and allowing you to get back in the air as soon as possible.
  • Claims will be processed within 24 hours provided all the relevant information has been supplied by the customer. 
  • FixoCare plan offers fixed cost structure, so you know exactly what to expect in terms of expenses, making budgeting easier.
  • You have direct access to our support team via email at sales@fixology.co.za
  • Knowing that your drone is protected and that you have professional support available can boost your confidence while flying, allowing you to explore and enjoy your drone to the fullest.
  • FixoCare helps ensure that your drone is in compliance with local regulations and laws related to your drone operation and plan.
  • FixoCare offers coverage no matter where in the world you purchased your DJI Drone, This global coverage ensures that you’re protected regardless of your location or travel.
  • You can fly anywhere in the world and should something happen with the DJI Drone you can still claim and bring it into Fixology.
  • Having FixoCare plan can enhance the resale value of your DJI Drone as it provides potential buyers with assurance that the drone has been well-maintained and protected by an Accredited DJI service center.
  • Enrolling in FixoCare may grant you access to an exclusive community of drone enthusiasts and additional educational resources, allowing you to connect with like-minded individuals and expand your knowledge of drone operation and photography,
  • These benefits further enhance your confidence and satisfaction as a DJI Drone Owner covered by FixoCare, making it a valuable investment for your drone flying experience.

What's Not Covered By FixoCare​

How to log a claim

Send an email to sales@fixology.co.za and our agents will revert back with further instructions.

Payload Structure

FixoCare also covers your payload for an additional fee. Should your package or plan that you purchased has a DJI Drone that has a payload that is detachable you can also protect your payload for a fee which will be in the drop-down menu for pricing should it be listed.


Should your DJI Drone be subject to a BER (Beyond economical repair) report, your aircraft only will be replaced and a 6% excess fee is to be paid. Fixology will retain your broken DJI Aircraft. NB. Client is to unbind or remove the old aircraft from their DJI account.

Amount of Claims being made

Customers are able to claim as long as they adhere to the policies terms and conditions.The repair account’s value for the 12-month coverage period is determined by the original purchase value of your DJI Drone package. For example, if you initially purchased a DJI drone for R 5,000 your repair account will hold that value for the entire 12 months. However, in the event that your DJI drone is declared BER, you can receive a replacement drone by paying the excess fee. After this, your current policy will end, and you'll have the option to purchase a new policy to cover your replacement DJI Drone.


Fixo Care is a protection plan for DJI drones that provides coverage for accidental damage, and certain issues that may occur during the coverage period.

FixoCare is available for selected DJI drone models. Please refer to the Fixology website or contact customer support for a list of eligible models.

Water damage will not be covered.

FixoCare coverage lasts for 12 months from the date of purchase or activation, as specified in the plan terms.

No, FixoCare is typically non-transferable and is linked exclusively to the customer who made the original purchase.

FixoCare typically covers accidental damage, crashes of the covered DJI drone. Specific coverage details can be found in the terms and conditions.

To report a claim, contact Fixology customer support at sales@fixology.co.za and provide the necessary details about the incident or damage. Claims will be subject to approval.

If your claim is approved, Fixology will arrange for the repair or replacement of your drone. 

Common exclusions may include intentional damage, unauthorized modifications, normal wear and tear, loss or theft, and damage caused in restricted areas. Refer to the terms and conditions for a comprehensive list of exclusions.

FixoCare plans are often designed for personal use, and commercial use of drones may not be covered. Commercial drone operators may need specialized insurance.

Yes you can renew your 12 month plan with Fixology.

Yes you can. Check with Fixology or visit our website for availability and terms.

If your claim is approved, Fixology will arrange for the repair or replacement of your drone. 

FixoCare may provide support for software and firmware updates to ensure your drone’s technology remains up-to-date during a valid claim only.

Yes, you can make multiple claims as long as you adhere to the policies terms and conditions. Your repair accounts value for the 12-month coverage period is determined by the  original purchase value of your item. For example, if you initially purchased a DJI drone for R 5,000, your repair account will hold that value for the entire 12 months. However, in the event that your drone is declared Beyond Economic Repair ( BER), you can receive a replacement drone by paying the excess fee. After this, your current policy will end, and you’ll have the option to purchase a new policy to cover your replacement drone. 

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