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Welcome to Fixology Repairs (PTY) Ltd and thank you for your interest in our services.
The content of this document is the terms and conditions applicable to the sale of any product and/or service to you but not limited to.
The following terms shall have the meaning assigned to them below, unless the context requires otherwise:

a. “the Customer” means you;
b. “the Company” means Fixology (Pty) Ltd

  1.   The unit prices of all products and services quoted for by Fixology are quoted exclusive of Value Added Tax (“VAT”). VAT is levied on products or services at the current rate and is included as a separate line item on the quotation.
  2.   Any written quotation issued by the Fixology shall remain valid and open for acceptance for a period of 7 days from the date of the quotation, unless specified otherwise on the quotation or in the event that an extension for acceptance of the quotation is agreed to by the company in writing.
  3.   The pricing of the products or services on any quotation issued by the Company may be reviewed by the Company, after the quotation has been issued and before the order associated with the quotation is received by the Company, should there be any change in the interim to:

                3.1 the quantities of the products or services being quoted for;

                3.2 ruling currency exchange rates, duties, surcharges and taxes levied by the relevant authorities, transport costs and clearing agent charges applicable as at the date of provision of the quotation; and/or
                3.3 supplier pricing applicable as at the date of quotation.

4.   If a quotation is issued for any product which is reflected as being in stock, such quote shall be provided subject to the condition that the product quoted for has not previously been sold to a third party prior to receipt of the order by the Company i.e. Ex-stock subject to prior sale.
5.   The Company is entitled to charge the Client storage costs for all goods purchased, where the Client requests the Company to withhold or postpone delivery of the product to it and the Company agrees thereto. The Customer shall be charged for such storage at the prevailing storage rates charged by the Company.
6.   Should any orders be placed without a quotation being obtained in advance, the invoice will be raised in accordance with the specific and current pricing agreement in existence between the Company and the Client
7.   The Company will issue an invoice to the Client for all amounts owing in terms of the order simultaneously with delivery of the products and/or after the rendering of the services.
8.   Payment of the invoiced amount must be received by the Company in full, payment terms by means of an electronic funds transfer (“EFT”), free of any deductions, bank charges and set-off prior to commencement of the repair or sale of product.
9.   The Client shall be obliged on request to provide proof of payment of any electronic funds transfer in respect of any invoiced amount or deposit paid to the Company
10. We aim to carry out an assessment and provide you with a quotation for repair work within two to five business working days of receiving the drone. 
11.  Quote Estimates are approximate and not binding- Should further work be required a re-quote may be submitted.
12.  Once you have accepted our quotation our turn-around time will be 5-7 working days subject to parts availability
13.  Payment to be paid in full either cash or EFT prior to repair work commencing unless other arrangements have been made with management of the company.
14.  If repaired goods are not collected within 90 days of repair, goods will be sold by the Company to defray expenses.
15.  Repairs are guaranteed for 90 days from date of invoice limited to the work carried out. Repairs that are unrelated for the same device within the 90 day period will  be charged for accordingly. Repair work cannot be guaranteed if a crash or burning caused by non-manufacturing defects, as well as any damage caused by unauthorized modification, entry of foreign body (water, oil, sand, etc.), damage caused by external factors, including but not limited to: fire, flood, high wind strength and lightning strike and improper installation or operation. Repair work cannot be guaranteed if Labels, Serial Numbers, waterproof mark, false proof mark, etc. show signs of tampering or altering. Damage caused after repair which is assessed as being caused by misuse either intentionally or otherwise, is not covered  under the warranty. Repairs carried out by third party repairers will invalidate the warranty.
16.  No guarantee can be granted to electronic parts that have been exposed to any liquid.
17.   Once your order has been confirmed, changes to your order may not be possible, and where amendments are able to be made, an additional charge will be incurred and your shipping date will change.
18.  It is recommended that you use a reputable courier such when sending us your drone and ensure it is tracked, signed for and insured.
19.  It is your sole responsibility to ensure your drone is securely packaged. We recommend the original manufacturers box with added padding. Additionally, ensure the content of the box is well concealed to avoid the risk of theft.
20.  In the rare event your drone is lost or damaged by your chosen courier, it is your sole responsibility to ensure you instigate an investigation with that company. The company does not get involved in disputes between customers and courier.
21.   We will not refund your purchase if items are held in customs or delivery is delayed due to third party factors including, but not limited to, non-payment of import duties or taxes where applicable, this is for the customers account.
22.  If you fail, through no fault of ours, to take delivery of the drone at your given delivery address, we may, at our discretion, charge the reasonable costs of storing and re-delivering them.
23.  We are unable to change a delivery address once the item has been dispatched.
24.  Occasionally force majeure events prevent us from delivering your drone within the expected time. These include accidents, breakdowns, acts of God, war, riot, civil commotion, malicious damage or default of our suppliers. We would endeavour to rectify matters as quickly as possible, however you agree not to hold us liable for delays in you receiving your drone, under these circumstances.
25.  Upon receipt of your item, please examine it to ensure it has been received in good order. If your item has been damaged, please contact us immediately. You are required to keep all the packaging in case the Courier requests evidence of damage caused while item was in their care.
26.  In line with our Quality procedures, our trained engineers conduct pre-dispatch testing of your drone. These test flights are confined to confirming that the components replaced as part of the agreed repair are performing correctly. These test flights do not constitute any kind of airworthiness certification and we do not guarantee that other parts of the aircraft are functioning correctly, or will continue to function correctly, nor do we guarantee that the aircraft is airworthy.
27.  Any data stored on or with your item should be copied and stored separate from the unit, prior to sending item to the company for repairs. We accept no liability for loss, damage or corruption of data caused. While our repairs are carried out in a professional manner, we cannot guarantee the integrity of data stored on the item during and after the repair process.
28.  Fixology Repairs accepts no liability for damage caused by previous repairs.
29.  Fixology Repairs accepts no liability for any kind of consequential loss due to late delivery times, extended repair times or items not functioning as a result of a repair.
30.  Fixology Repairs accepts no liability for any kind of loss (beyond the cost of the original repair) due to repaired / replaced components not functioning /malfunctioning following repair.
31.   Fixology Repairs accepts no liability for any kind of loss due to components not functioning / malfunctioning which were not replaced as part of the repair.
32.  The onus is on the customer to ensure they have the necessary licenses to operate their drones should it be for commercial use. The company will not be held responsible for (i) any fraudulent act or omission; or (ii) for death or personal injury caused by the customers drone following its repair at the company.
33.  In using our services, you agree that you will not hold us liable for any claims, damages or losses in regard to the item, including any data or media stored therein. The company accepts no liability in the security, protection, use or confidentiality of such data.
34.  All quotes carry an assessment fee, should you not go ahead with your repair a rejection fee applies.
35.  Errors & Omissions accepted. 

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